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Popa Max April 19, 2009

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Wow what a crazy week it has been.  It started Tuesday with a phone call from my sister saying that her father-in-law was coming home from the hospital under Hospice care to Wednesday my Mom and I getting a phone call at school that my grandfather was being rushed to the hospital. 

Since Tuesday our family has lost two precious family members.  First, my sister’s father-in-law, Carl then my grandfather, Popa, early Thursday morning.  I wasn’t completely shocked to hear about Carl because he had congestive heart failure, but my Popa was a complete shock.  We knew he was in a lot of pain with his back but we had no idea he was in deathly health. 

Popa was visiting with his brother, which he hadn’t seen in 3 months and he collapsed onto the floor.  After many test at the hospital we found out he had a ruptured aorta, which killed him immediately.  Once the EMS showed up to his house they were able to revive him after being dead for a good 20 min…crazy I know!  Then, after finding out about the aorta the doctor suggested taking him off the ventilator and blood pressure medicine because there was no use in doing emergency surgery.  The surgery would have been pointless because he never regained contiousness throughout the entire process. 

Although I’m going to miss him very much I know he is in a better place and happier being there too.  I lost my grandmother, his wife, three years ago and he has never been the same since.  He has missed her like crazy and never had much of a will to live since.  It makes me smile to know that they are back together again.  I would have loved to see my Nanny’s face when she saw my Popa again.  The last thing I whispered into my Popa’s ear before I left was….”Please tell Nanny, Amanda, Bill, and Carl I love them and I said hello.”  Although he couldn’t hear me or understand me I know his spirit was with him that day. 

The funeral was very sweet and Michael Joe did a wonderful job.  I could definitely feel the power of prayer because I had a calm, peace about me during the service, unlike before the service.  I kept telling Dave, “I’m a basket case….how am I ever gonna make it through this funeral?”  He kept reassuring me that I could do it and I did. 

I have to brag on the most wonderful fiance in the world.  Ever since Wed. when I called Dave to tell him the news he has not left my side.  He has been there to hear my worries and to listen to me cry.  I don’t know what I would have done without him.  I know my family thinks the same.  He never once complained or batted an eye to help anyone.  He was also there to be a listening ear and buddy to my cousins, which adore him!  I am so thankful my family loves Dave just as much as I do.  It’s such a blessing.  I’m so glad Dave had the chance to meet my Popa.  With only knowing Popa a good 6 months or so he already had a few nicknames for Dave…..fireman Dave, the fire Chief, and Super Dave.  Popa wanted to get him a hat that said “Super Dave” on it. 

Until next time….hope you enjoy my rambling…..:)


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